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Christmas ... means so many things .   For our family it's a time to get creative, especially with gift ideas.  One year my husband and I weren't exactly loaded, so we gave gifts only to our kids. I did, however give Josh a little something...had to!   BHG Christmas Tree I wrapped up a library book he wanted to read, and even though it wasn't a "gift" exactly, it made him smile.  And he liked the book.  :) I remember that Christmas most vividly of all our Christmases together, because it was unique. We didn't have a lot of money and it was the most special year of all . Driving around town I have to say the number of rude, crazy drivers alarms me.  It picks up this time of year.  Why?  If I went really deep I'd say it was greeeeeed.  But too, there seem to be giant Christmas expectations now...500 gifts for everyone, the finest wrapping paper, bows, bells, additional gift tags which will soon be violently ripped off and brought to

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