Campers: The Motherload

I haven't always felt this way, but this year, I want a family camper!  A highfalutin, amazing, small but spacious ride.  

Knaus Deseo

In my dreams we'll take it to all the National forests & parks, sleeping comfortably along the way.  Who cares if they're the price of a car.  That's a small sacrifice for the priceless fun we'll have in our camper.  Not to mention the money we'd save in the long run. Now, choosing one is NOT easy...but is a good little place to start.  They have ideas on Best Tiny Travel Trailers.  So far I like the Knaus Deseo for simplistic Euro style and design; reminiscent of an Ikea store.

Then, one could always refurbish an airstream.  The sky's the limit, but you have to see what Matthew Hofmann & his father do for a living with their Santa Barbara based architecture firm HofARC.  I have to say, refurbishing one of these could be amazing (we may wind up living in ours full time).  :) 


For a couple, the Scotty Lite is surprisingly open for it's size, thanks to the rounded light wood ceiling.  It almost looks like a sauna.....  

We have a family of 5 (three amazing kids), but like to travel light, so info applies to us.  We hope you find it useful as well if you're thinking of purchasing a classy ride.  Near the end of last year, (what an awesome name) featured "Best New and Innovative RVs for 2015."  New, better ones are on their way!!!!!!! :)  

May you, too, find the RV of your dreams.  

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