Fun with Wood Pallets

My husband and I have collected a few wood pallets with plans to repurpose them, so I love seeing what people do with their wood pallets.  Right now, ours are in our garage, waiting to be used.
In searching for something else today, I came upon this picture of a wood pallet, hung directly on a wall, being used as a plate rack.  To me, this wood-on-white look with earthen-ware colors is as French Provincial as it gets.  It's simplistic, yet warm and inviting.  Absolutely lovely!

Among many, many ways to use wood pallets, is in the garden, building vertical gardens.  Up against the wall, these take up such minimal space, and creating a vertical garden for lettuces makes for a beautiful wall-hanging, au naturale.  Design Sponge has a good tutorial on how to build one.  

Though they're very rough to the touch, and would be a pickle to sand down, people find all kinds of functional uses for pallets, such as platform bed frames, daybeds and tiered theater seating.  A fellow blogger has an incredible blog on all kinds of Pallet furniture ideas.  Check it out if you're in the wood pallet creation's well liked and well worth the visit!  :)

Something else I see is this: all kinds of bookshelves.  The bookshelves a friend of ours made a few years ago were in pretty high demand around town.  Since, we've seen all kinds of ideas surface.  Ideas are in the air, you know.  :)  These pictures and more can be found herehere and here.  Learn how to build a simple Pallet Bookshelf at, one of my favorite DIY sites.

There are so many more ideas I could literally go on for hours..."literally." Thank you, Chris Traeger of Parks & Rec.  :)  


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