Fashion: Spring 2014 Color Report

Spring COLO2014

With each new season come an array of beautiful colors, chosen by people like those at Pantone Color Institute.  Have you ever wondered who chooses those colors?  Wouldn't that be a cool job?!  Well, I think so. has a fascinating article on who sets color trends called "The Business of Color: Company Sets Fashion Trends."  From  Here, Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, introduces fun, choice colors for Spring 2014, which all happen to be gorgeous, and pulled straight from nature.  You can do just about anything with these 10 beauties!
{1} Placid Blue
{2} Violet Tulip
{3} Hemlock
{4} Sand
{5} Paloma
{6} Cayenne
{7} Freesia
{8} Celosia Orange
{9} Radiant Orchid
{10} Dazzling Blue

If you'd like to vote on your favorite color, you can do that here at


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