{Valentine's Day}

Happy {early} Valentine's Day!

courtesy marthastewart.com

One fun thing about it this year is that it's on a FRIDAY!  How special is that?!  And there are lots of fun sites with creative party & craft ideas for you & your kids. Some of them are spoonful.commarthastewart.com, ivillage.com, and parents.com.  I don't know about you, but when this celebration comes around we pull out the red paper and get crackin' {cutting, actually}.  We can't help ourselves.  The very idea of cutting & layering cute little hearts from paper draws us to the craft boxes like magnets.  Plus we get to play with glue and glitter!  I still can't believe this holiday is officially observed!! Close the banks, the schools, the...other offices.  We're celebrating LOVE, people!  Love!!  From entire party ideas, to cute little accents like making a Love-Themed Tea Time, you're sure to find something fun to do in celebration of the Day of Love!

courtesy marthastewart.com


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