Happy 107th Birthday, Grace Hopper!

Grace Hopper courtesy www.personal.psu.edu
Not too long ago, a brilliant, spunky lady by the name of Grace Hopper (aka Amazing Grace) was asked to help build the first computer, Mark I at Harvard.  She then went on the to develop the Mark II and Mark III.  Further still, she had a vision to help create computers on a commercial level, the first one called the UNIVAC I.  Hopper is also responsible for creating the first computer language, COBOL, "...which made it possible for computers to respond to words rather than numbers," according to pcmag.com. For these accomplishments, among many others, Hopper became known as the "Queen of Software."  

In all her wisdom, though, what does she point out? A valuable lesson she learned in Navy bootcamp: "If they put you down somewhere with nothing to do, go to sleep!" she states matter-of-factly in a Letterman interview.  Well, thank you for that wisdom, Ms. Hopper. We'd all be much better off with a little more sleep.  Oh, and thank you for your great developments in the world of computers.  Many thanks! (Here's quite a lovely article on her by David Daley.  More can also be found at gracehopper.org and history.navy.mil.  See Grace Hopper's interview with Letterman


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