Fitness All Year

About this time of year, we submerge ourselves in the holiday madness, shopping for the best possible gifts, cooking delicious holiday treats, and telling ourselves that in the New Year, we’ll join a gym & work out 5 times a week….in the New Year.  With or without a gym, it’s always possible to get a great workout, inside or outside, hot or cold weather.   Did you know all kinds of gyms (like the YMCA) offer great discounts on memberships now, before the new year, during the madness?  Because staying fit is for all the time. also lists good gyms for the money. has a fun article on “Workout Plans for Every Excuse,” because we all make them at one point or another.  :)  So make a workout plan for yourself.  It’s probably the best gift you can give yourself ALL year...and in the years to come.
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