Oatmeal Sandwich Bread

There's something wonderfully domestic about making bread and I love it!  Some say store bought is just as good...really?  I don't think so.  If there's one thing my Mama taught me (among the many other things..thanks Mom!) it was this: homemade bread is better, plain and simple.  It's from heaven and every now and then we have to make us some!  

Truth be known, we play with all sorts of food genres: gluten, gluten-free, dairy, dairy-free, vegetarian, meatatarian (my sweet husband is one of these), because cooking is fun, and we've yet to be diagnosed with a severe food problem, thank God.  But if we were, I feel fairly confident that we'd have fun cooking, no matter the challenge.  This happens to be a King Arthur recipe from the side of a bread flour pouch.  If gluten is part of your diet,  and you like to bake, you'll have to try making this sometime!  


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