Saturday, December 12, 2015


means so many thingspost signature.  For our family it's a time to get creative, especially with gift ideas.  One year my husband and I weren't exactly loaded, so we gave gifts only to our kids. I did, however give Josh a little something...had to!  

BHG Christmas Tree

I wrapped up a library book he wanted to read, and even though it
wasn't a "gift" exactly, it made him smile.  And he liked the book.  :) I remember that Christmas most vividly of all our Christmases together, because it was unique. We didn't have a lot of money and it was the most special year of all.

Driving around town I have to say the number of rude, crazy drivers alarms me.  It picks up this time of year.  Why?  If I went really deep I'd say it was greeeeeed.  But too, there seem to be giant Christmas expectations now...500 gifts for everyone, the finest wrapping paper, bows, bells, additional gift tags which will soon be violently ripped off and brought to within millimeters of their lives. The truth is that we only need so many things, even at Christmastime.   I'm ALL for a pretty package, but this year our family is trying to focus on what's important by keeping it simple. We will give gifts, as always, race to the stockings, make decedent food for those closest to us (another form of our gift giving), and give to others in need.  And at some point in all of our cheer, I look forward to my dad reading us the Christmas story, the story of Jesus, and sharing again with our family the greatest gift of all.      

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Good Book: Southern Solstice

Fresh off the press is Southern Solsticea charming debut novel by gifted author Sarah Sadler (on Facebook here).  Truly the perfect summer romance, it's set in Charleston & basked in rich, warm character.  This page-turner is filled with irresistible charm you don't want to miss.  It's highly rated by bloggers near & far. Here's a recent review from Ms Nose in a Book.  Read my review here.  Find your copy on today!  

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Campers: The Motherload

I haven't always felt this way, but this year, I want a family camper!  A highfalutin, amazing, small but spacious ride.  

Knaus Deseo

In my dreams we'll take it to all the National forests & parks, sleeping comfortably along the way.  Who cares if they're the price of a car.  That's a small sacrifice for the priceless fun we'll have in our camper.  Not to mention the money we'd save in the long run. Now, choosing one is NOT easy...but is a good little place to start.  They have ideas on Best Tiny Travel Trailers.  So far I like the Knaus Deseo for simplistic Euro style and design; reminiscent of an Ikea store.

Then, one could always refurbish an airstream.  The sky's the limit, but you have to see what Matthew Hofmann & his father do for a living with their Santa Barbara based architecture firm HofARC.  I have to say, refurbishing one of these could be amazing (we may wind up living in ours full time).  :) 


For a couple, the Scotty Lite is surprisingly open for it's size, thanks to the rounded light wood ceiling.  It almost looks like a sauna.....  

We have a family of 5 (three amazing kids), but like to travel light, so info applies to us.  We hope you find it useful as well if you're thinking of purchasing a classy ride.  Near the end of last year, (what an awesome name) featured "Best New and Innovative RVs for 2015."  New, better ones are on their way!!!!!!! :)  

May you, too, find the RV of your dreams.  

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Friday, August 22, 2014

{Antioxidant Smoothy Love}

At our house, we love us some smoothies.  And it's ok if you don't have a Vitamix; you can make these easily with a regular blender. posted 7 creative and refreshing, high antioxidant smoothies for us.  So pick your poison{killer}, pull out your ingredients and whip up some deliciousness for yourself. Cheers to good health!

smoothie #1 on

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This summer, check out inexpensive movies in Franklin, TN at Carmike Thoroughbred 20.  Happy Summer!!
Carmike Cinemas

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